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Topic: Ensemble or Orchestra

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    Ensemble or Orchestra

    I`m going to buy Gigastudio3 soon but don`t know which version I should get. I`m not really into making soundtrack or orchestral music nor do I have a desire to be the next Stravinsky. Any orchestral music I may need would be incidental or to create an ambiance. I would be using VOTA the most in GS.So what I need is advice on which one I should buy,orchestra or ensemble. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Ensemble or Orchestra

    If you are new to GIGA, start with Ensemble and, once the bug has bitten you, you'll want to move up to Orchesra.

    OTOH, if you're already a "GIGAphile", there's no hope for you. You'll stick with Ensemble ....

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