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Topic: Setting up a home studio

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    Setting up a home studio

    I finally got my ancient PC88 hooked up to my computer - bought an M-Audio 2496 (wanted to go cheap until I read more about the more expensive cards), installed it, and worked great! (The keyboard was sitting in a closet for 4 years!)

    Problem is that I'm getting a split second delay (sometimes) between when I hit the key on the keyboard and the sound. I'm sure its the way I have it hooked up, but I'm having trouble finding sites that give you info on how to set up a home studio - most of them look like they were written years ago.

    What's wrong with this setup -

    PC88 hooked up to 2496 MIDI IN
    Started SONAR trial (until I'm sure thats what I want) - install Giga Re-Wire.
    Start GS3 and load GigaPiano-II into MIDI 1.
    Start playing - and I get the delay -

    The audio out is the other soundcard I have in there, the Audigy 2, so that I can listen with head phones - I'm pretty sure this is where the delay is - sound right?

    If the problem is sending the out audio through another card - can someone suggest a relatively cheap, but good, amplifier that I can hook up to the 2496 (one with a headphone jack)

    And if possible, can someone point me to some other current sites that are as good as this one for info?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Setting up a home studio

    Somewhere in GIGA there is/are adjustments for latency. There are in SONAR as well (btw, that's what you'll really want)

    Do you really need the Audigy for audio playback? Can you connect the speakers to the 2496 instead?

    Check/shake the MIDI cable and then play with the latency sliders in both programmes.

    Good Hunting!

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    Re: Setting up a home studio

    Look for articles on latency and you will find tons of stuff.

    I just popped in to add, unless you end up needing multi-tracking capability, that Audiophile is an outstanding card. That's what I use in my dedicated giga machine. When I actually track I use the spdif outs into my daw.

    No need to assume inexpensive equals inferior.

    Have fun. Enjoy the learning process. You'll get it.

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    Re: Setting up a home studio

    Thanks - reading the SONAR forums, I discovered that it was indeed "latency" that I'm having trouble with. Thanks for the help, I've got lots to learn!

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    Re: Setting up a home studio

    The latency is from the routing through ReWire

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