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Topic: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

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    GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    I am trying to use GS3 with the old version of MOL (the pre-CP version). which I had working fine with GS2.

    Before I installed GS3, I did an XP update to SP2 and MOL worked as advertised between PCs. When I installed GS3, MOL stopped working i.e. the channels in the MidiFromLan window showed gray, not red. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled MOL, on the GS3 PC, and it received Midi fine. At that point, all of the LAN midi inputs showed on the GS3 System Settings window but GS3 no longer made any sound and the 8 midi ports at the bottom of the GS3 window were gray. Next, I reinstalled GS3 and got my sound back and green midi channels but MOL was now back in its gray channel activity light state and didn't showup in GS3.

    Bruce, I believe you are running SP2 with MOL and GS3. Is there a trick I need to know about configuring GS and MOL? Are you using the new MOL which, according to the MOL Forum, is not yet compatable with SP2?

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    Re: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    i tried the cp version with the same result.

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    Re: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    I haven't been using MOL lately. I'm on one of my anti-sequencer-play-everything-live kicks.

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    Re: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    With midi problems, one thing I learned to try was to assign a valid hardware port as midi in in gigastudio. Assign it, then 'apply', then exit, then re-enter, then change it to 'none' if that is appropriate for your setup.

    There is some discussion on the midi-ox forums about this (Giga 2.5).

    The reason is that even if 'none' is correct, the registry entry for endless wave has the name of an invalid or a network midi port -- and can seem to cause problems. I'm using my home-made midi-over-lan without any problem.

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    Re: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    Thanks for the info gugliel.

    I gave up on MOL+ and decided to try MOL CP available on the GS3 disk. In an email from MusicLabs, Konstanti said MOL CP doesn't work under SP2 (and they no longer support MOL+) and an update will be available soon. But, he suggested I give it a try. Well, I did and got it to work. The procedure follows.

    Firstly, on both ends, I specify the IP addresses in the MOL CP control window (RUN -> cmd, DOS> ipconfig to get IP Addresses). Now, on the Giga end, I find I have to toggle the "Recognize events only from port" and Apply, to get that end to route midi to GS3. So far, this has worked every time after a number of restarts. BTW, the midi port shows up in GS3 as NetPort1 (the demo is limited to one port).

    After a restart and before I toggle "Recognize events only from port" I do see midi coming into the GS3 PC by looking at the Local Area Network Status window. The midi just doesn't get to GS3 until you give MOL CP a "kick. I would be interested in knowing if this works for others.

    Having to specify absolute IP addresses is problematic since my network uses DHCP i.e. my IP adresses are not constant between restarts. There may be a way with MOL CP, like MOL+, to specify a PC name instead. I'm not sure.

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    Re: GS3, MidiOverLan Incompatability?

    I had a setting problem with MOL on XP as well... I did an update instead of a fresh install, took a bit of goofing... What I did notice is that I had installed SP2 on my separate Logic system and the giga machine worked fine when it was 98se. With MOL on the xp with giga it was fine too... But sp2 could not be on the giga machine... But why should I need sp2 on the second machine that isn't online... I did an uninstall of sp2 on the giga machine and all is well... Close enough for me... So a quick clean of 2.5 and an install of 3 when it comes... Gee I wonder how well a P3 1 giger with 512ram will fair with it?? At least I have 2 7200's running raid 0... My MOTU 2408 has an updated Gsif 2 driver as well, that might of added a new element as well!!!

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