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Topic: GPO with Mach 5 & DP4

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    GPO with Mach 5 & DP4

    System: Dual 2GHz G5 / Digital Performer 4.12 / Mach 5 ver. 1.2 / OS 10.3.5

    Has anybody tried to use GPO with Mach 5, instead of the Kontakt Player?

    I tried importing the GPO into Mach 5 with the latest UVI extract in NKI mode. No luck, it doesn't seem to see the Samples. Shame, cause it's so superior to the Kontakt Player.

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    Re: GPO with Mach 5 & DP4

    The NKS files that GPO uses are a proprietary Kontakt format and can't be uploaded to any other sample aside from the full version of Kontakt. Sorry.

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