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Topic: I've got something to say...j~!

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    I'm gonna go out on a lump here. Yeah, I said "lump" cause that's exactically what is in my troat right now.
    First, I have never met a bunch of nicer coconuts ... no wait, that's not what I wanted to say. I was momentarily distracted.
    I have never met a nicer group of people as I have on this forehead, no sorry, forum. Ah hell, what I am trying to say here is out of us all there is one person who has been the best help, most considerate, and attentive to others needs. I am sure you all will agree that his track record tells all. Not only does he post replies to important questions in an effort to ease and help others, he had gone out of his way. Put aside his own personal time and gave us one of the best damn tutorials for Overture anyone has ever attempted.
    And, on a personal note, my Southern friend, you have helped me with countless problems. Helped me to understand so much that goes on around here. Lifted me up out of depression and made me feel important again. You, Mr. Joseph Burrell can only be at the top of my list of people I will always have the proud pleasure to call you "friend"!
    Like so many on this forum you have been a blessing to my life. Helping me to feel like a human being and a half way decent musician.
    For all the hard work you do on behalf of all of us here I say thank you for being Mr. Joseph Burrell.
    OK, enough is enough. Now when are you going to write that tutorial on GPO Chicken soup?

    My hat is off to you sir. A toast to your kind consideration and may you live long and prosper. Or, is that, liver loins and perspire?

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    Re: I've got something to say...j~!

    Thanks, I really appreciate that, more than you'll ever know. Now, I'm getting verclemped.

    Talk soon.

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    Re: I've got something to say...j~!


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    I'll third that! JB is *top* notch!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
    24" 2.4 Ghz iMac, OSX 10.4.10, MOTU 828 MKII, 2 Glyph 250 Gig external drives, Logic 9, Finale 2008 GPO, JABB, Strad, Gro, Reason 4, EWQL Storm Drum, Adrenaline, Symphonic Choirs, SO Gold,All Arturia Synths, Many NI Synths, Spectrasonics Synths, KH Strings, VEPro on a Windows 7 4x 2.8 Ghz 12 gig of RAM

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    I wouldn't be making music today without the aforementioned Mr. Burrell...if 'thanks' is all I can give, then truly I am in his debt.

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