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Topic: Princess Bride score?

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    Princess Bride score? - see attached mp3 link

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    There's a brilliant theme stuck in my head, I think it's from The Princess Bride. I obviously can't hum it over the net... But it's got kind of a fanfare feel to it. The theme plays once, then the instruments kind of go up the scale a sec, then the theme repeats but transposed lower. Sounds very.."adventurous."

    Um...any ideas what track that might be?

    EDIT: Here's what the melody sounds like: http://www.samhulick.com/sometheme.mp3
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    Re: Princess Bride score?

    No, but that's one of my favorite 'not so serious' movies of all time.

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    Re: Princess Bride score?

    That movie brings up memories. Back in the late '80s when I went to NAB I would make it a point check out the New England Digital Synclavier demo. It was so cool that they could play the foley for a film on a keyboard. (C4 = left foot, D4 = right foot.) They had a QuickSearch-type database, which amazed the crowd. They used Princess Bride as an example, and I believe they said that the score was done with thier machine.

    To think that we can do more with one PC than they could do with their multiple racks still amazes me. It costed a bomb, but in its day it was oh so cool daddy drool.

    I'd love to know if there are any connections between the old N.E.D. team and the Austin Giga-meisters.


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    Re: Princess Bride score?

    OK, here you go.. i kinda roughed this out on my keyboard:


    Someone please name that theme Thanks

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    Re: Princess Bride score?

    I think it's a Korngold theme.. but I don't know exactly.. DAMN familiar though...

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    Re: Princess Bride score?

    I checked some Korngold mp3s online... didn't find a match. I also checked out The Princess Bride..didn't match up either (the soundtrack is too synthy sounding). This was, I believe, a high quality production.. not synthy, and not golden era Hollywood. I could be wrong though.

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