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Topic: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

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    Question VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    Loaded question.
    For those who own or have used both. Which do you like better and why? VOTA or Symphony of Voices? I know that both have different strengths but I am curious.



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    Re: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    That is very true that each has strengths.

    VOTA offers some very expressive and dramatic sounds which are very well suited to scoring films & trailors and they offer all the consonants & vowels and a utility to make the damn thing actually sing words in real time!

    SOV strength is that it covers alot of styles & ensembles. (large chior, boys chior, solo voices, phrases, gregorian, lots of riffs & effects & some chords)
    Oh and it sounds very good as well.


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    Re: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    SOV: Good for general ambience, background choir, ethereal stuff Not to focused, think Enya

    VOTA: made to be exposed, in your face diction, focused, bombastic, think Carmana Burana by Carl Orf

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    I agree with Lazul.

    Although I only have SOV, It is a bit limited in terms of expressiveness. Unfortunately, VOTA isn't in EXS/AU (For Logic) format YET. But once it does, I'll be purchasing it immediately !!

    Note: VOTA does have a restriction using it for film scoring/trailers for films, certainly in the USA, but I'm not sure if that applies to the rest of the world... I can't remember the exact wording, you may wish to look it up on their website. But certainly the best choir sample library I've heard by far (Demo wise).

    Don't get me wrong, I still love SOV, but I will definitely be getting VOTA once its in EXS/AU format.

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    Hi Max,

    You'll probably be waiting a long time then. VOTA can be converted to exs format directly by exs-24 since it is in Gigasampler format. Any mod-wheel programming won't come over though. If you own Chickensys Translator, it does a pretty good job of converting IMHO.


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    Re: VOTA vs Symphony of Voices

    They are 2 totally different libs, with different strenths and weakness'. So its hard to answer .

    BTW, Max VOTA can be used in film scoring, just not film trailers.

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