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Topic: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

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    Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    I did this short piece over the last few days. It was inspired by an event that occurred out in the woods. I now have poison ivy in a very existential place.

    I used samples from a few libraries, but mostly from EWQLSO strings and percussion. The harp, violin and xylophone are featured.

    I also used a lot of calamine lotion.


    Please lends me your ears and tell me what you think about it.



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    Lightbulb Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    ummmm.... can you change the story to.... anyone but yourself.
    how about the female beach vollyball team

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    HAHAH! Excellent! I can only imagine what event inspired you to compose this. Funny stuff.

    Also, those samples do sound awesome.

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)


    Thank you


    Please don't take the imagery so seriously. The music itself is imageless.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    sorry Marko.... hope I did not offend.

    I did really like the piece though.

    I guess a imaginationless artist would be a new concept to me.... even as a listener

    just wondering.... were you referring to what bears do in the woods?
    cuz I really would rather imagine the female beach vollyball team. for some reason girls like to do these things as a team

    perhaps this is why the "Great Composers" were reluctant to discuss inspirations to pieces

    I bet you had the bears rolling in laghter

    cool piece

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)


    No offense taken. Don't worry I will not crumble under the weight of criticism. I am glad you gave it a listen.

    I don't mean to suggest that art occurs independently of imagination. I was making a more obscure point about music itself. I think music is essentially imageless, yet it certainly involves imagination and can inspire imagery. But the music itself is imageless.

    On the face of it, your volleyball and beach suggestion seems more appealing than my poison ivy imagery.

    Thanks again for listening.


    P.S. Even the great composers would scratch themselves in very existential places from time to time. A source of inspiration!

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    Man that was something new to my ears! I actually liked it. The "groovie" part that occurs 25 sec into the song was cool (and Chucky-like evil...)

    To give you a litte contructive critisism I would say that some of the instruments position in the song (not panning) was a litte unrealistic. For instance, the solo-violin was way louder than the violin-ensemble (if that was what you were using??) Also, it seemed like some parts were recorded in a hurry, which did not make it any less realistic, but made it sound like an orchestral rehersal.
    Nevertheless, your Xylophone-performance is VERY-good. I actually tried to imagine a Xylophone-player performing it, and you "fooled" med there man!

    Was this done with EWQL Silver? I have been considering buying Silver, but first I have to upgrade my old desktop. I recently bought a new laptop, with 512MB RAM and 2,8GHz Celeron Processor, and I was thinking of buying Silver so that I could compose music wherever I go.
    It would be cool to know if anyone here has had any success running Silver on a 2,8 Celeron (or less)...

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)


    Most of these samples are from the EW Platinum volumes (strings and percussion). The violin, harp and xylophone are featured and stand forward a bit . Perhaps they are too forward.

    I used a combination of far and close microphone settings for the harp, violin, violins, and xylophone. The glockenspiel uses the stage microphone setting.

    Thank you very much for getting back to me on this. Perhaps I will tweak the panning and the instrument levels some more.


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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)

    Platinum? No wonder the Xylophone sounded good!

    Did you play all the Xylophone stuff on the keyboard, or did you program it into the computers sequencer?

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    Re: Demo: Traipsing through the woods (naked?)


    The xylophone samples were played from the keyboard. I probably did a little editing in the piano scroll editor to tighten up some of the xylophone flams.


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