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Topic: EQ Newbie with Sonar needs help

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    Question EQ Newbie with Sonar needs help

    Hi y'all,

    I am a choral and notation guy but I just had to get Sonar and GPO. I am naive about how to use EQ in my orchestrations. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to use it. Ballpark settings for different instruments would be cool! Like for 1st violins do this, french horns do this, etc.

    Thanks everybody!

    Gary Young

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    Re: EQ Newbie with Sonar needs help

    Generally, I wouldn't worry about EQ settings for each of your GPO instruments. They are recorded quite well, and the only EQ I would use would be to solve a specific problem in a specific situation. There is no "set-and-leave" setting that will make your strings sound better, for example.

    There is a lot to EQ, and too much to cover here. Here are two good links for you to read:



    Good luck!
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Cool Re: EQ Newbie with Sonar needs help

    Great links! Thanks.
    Gary Young

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