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Topic: M-Audio Delta GSIF2 beta

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    M-Audio Delta GSIF2 beta

    Has anyone installed the new drivers with GS3? Now that I've had a taste of GigaPulse I'm dying to try it with audio tracks.

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    Re: M-Audio Delta GSIF2 beta

    The low-risk / extra-work way to check out your audio tracks through GS3 is to make a Distributed Wave and play your wave files as really long samples.

    One hint: after you map your wave files to the top keyboard, make sure to do a "save as *.gig". The distributed wave "save" button doesn't do the full save that you might expect.

    No need to wait for GSIF-2 or to take the risk of beta drivers.


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    Re: M-Audio Delta GSIF2 beta

    I don't have GS3 yet, but the new Delta drives seem to work fine with all other apps.

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    Re: M-Audio Delta GSIF2 beta

    I've been working with GS3 and Delta beta drivers for over a week without problem. I did have a problem installing the drivers but a rollback and reinstall of the drivers took care of the issue.


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