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Topic: MOL not wroking after XP install

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    MOL not wroking after XP install

    Hey guys, I was in the mood to update my ol 98se system to Xp in waiting for my GS3 in the mail... For some reason I missed to uninstalling MOL... So now when I go to install the XP version it says to uninstall the old version, which I did AFTER the Xp install... I can't get it to install right... All the shortcuts turned into "unknown" shortcuts after the install...
    I have an email into support for MOL, I just wondered if anyone else ran into this and found a work around.

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    Re: MOL not wroking after XP install

    Something weird happens to the shortcuts in Windows XP. Ran into the same issue. The program group is empty in the Start menu.

    To resolve the issue I went to C:\program files and went to the folder with MIDIoverLan in it. The folder name is the name of the company which I can't remember at the moment (I'm at work). Find the .exe file, right click on it and then click 'Send to Desktop'. It should place an icon on the desktop which will run the app.

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    Re: MOL not wroking after XP install



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    Re: MOL not wroking after XP install

    Got it, did a search and found it all... Runs great, but the giga machine can't have SP2 on it without me getting another degree in computers! Just patiently awaiting for GS3 to arrive to see if my measly P3 1 gigger with 512 ram can do anything with it!!!!
    Thanks guys, I guess I installed MOL a couple of years ago and forgot all about it!

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