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Topic: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

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    Question Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Hi there,

    I was just awarded this writing gig for an on-line fitness company that needs a corporate jingle and some underscore to their video. They want it somewhat urban and of course high energy.

    This is a sample clip of what the President likes (they may want less distorted guitar) with all the dialog planned. I’ll come up with a hooky sung chorus that will get sung when appropriate.


    I think you will get feel for what I need to deliver.

    I need two types of libraries:

    1. Driving loops, etc. ( I am not drummer). Must be a collection of ‘high energy fitness’ type of stuff.
    2. I have VSL overdrive but I need more of a ‘driving guitar vamp’ kind of thing. Elec and acoustic (loops would be OK). I’ll then sweeten all this with some orchestral stuff in and out (for contrast and just because I think this Director will like it eclectic.

    Thanks for any recommendations you can make. Need to get this fast. Only have 2-3 weeks to finish it.

    Many thanks,

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Hey thanks Craig,

    Still negoiating on the contract. If I get what I want I'll just have you do it

    We'll swap files like we have done before - worked great. I am hoping to find a guitar library that can get 'close' then decide from there whether I need the real thing (of course that would sound tons better but let's see on budget).

    Has anyone played around with Steinberg's Virtual Guitar?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Alan just released information regarding what looks to be a spectacular drum kit library as well as dropping the hint that an acoustic guitar is on the way to finish up his 'acoustic library of samples.' If his ABG is any indication, then these are something to look out for.


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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Now here is the $199 question

    There appears to be an 'original' version and a recent version called 'electric edition'. The first version has some electric. Each appears to be $199, so if I don't have to get both that would help. Does anyone have both or one or the other?

    Many thanks.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Thumbs up Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    I have both, use both, like both. I also have access to a very good guitarist for everything from strums to solos, so I'm a bit spoilt. VG and VGEE has a tendency to "steer" your composing if you're not very careful. You can create your own patterns by triggering the samples from MIDI channel 16, but I've not done much of that yet. I also have Groove Agent, and the advice is the same - the built-in patterns are cool but can steer things a bit too much. For industrial type stuff that may be fine - in fact - it may be just what you're looking for. Make sure that your host will support them. I use Nuendo and Cubase, so there's not VST frakas. Others have not had as robust a VSTi implimentation, so things like tempo tracking have not been as reliable with those hosts.

    As an aside, I don't think I'd ever use VG without an amp simulator. Even VGEE gets some processing on nearly every track. That helps with adding a flavor of realism. I use iZotope's Trash, which has some phenomenal cabinet, microphone, and amp simulations - as well as dual stage distortion with surgical pre and post processing EQs. It allows you to take a distorted sound and run it through as a secondary process without it turning to mush. Give something like that some thought as well. There are plenty of guitar amp sims out there - try some of the demos and see. iZotope will have Mac versions of their plugs coming out soon, so if you're on that platform you won't have to wait long to get in the game.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Thanks Houston,

    As you say - for this industrial gig - this might be perfect. What the best and fastest way to get the original VG?

    BTW, I run SX 2.X (lastest build - so it should work just perfect.)

    Thanks again.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Just want to give an opinion...

    I'm gonna guess that the "sound" they want is "looped drums". Personally, I would use a loop in that situation and chop it up. I think programmed drums might sound a little too 'rock', where it seems they'd probably want it a little more 'beat'. Just a guess......

    I think 'real' guitar would fit better as well (although an Amp Sim would sound more legit, not miced IMO), that way your aren't writing to the sample. Do you play guitar 'at all'?

    As far as what loop lib? Maybe "BT", not really sure...


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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Hey kid

    I am not much of a 'looper' so excuse the question. Is 'BT' groove control or do I need to time stretch ro something in SX 2.x??

    Thanks for the information. I am thinking of mixing something like BT and my 'Backbeat' together on this project.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Developers/Users - need a couple Libraries

    Hey thanks Criag.

    Now I do have 'timestretching' in SX I believe. Wouldn't that be good enough? How about you other SX users? Trying to get out of one more application running on that Daw. If it in the long run is much better, well, I'll get it.

    It looks like this industrial client has other work coming up. Most of it high energy stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

    Rob Elliott Music

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