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Topic: A piano for me

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    A piano for me

    Hi Guys,

    can someone of you suggest me some piano under 300Mb in weight (I don't want to buy a new computer for piano), and is in Giga, halion or kontakt format (not NI instruments, I need to convert them and use in Vsampler3)?

    Any help is very appreciated.


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    Re: A piano for me

    Give the Virtual Shimmel a listen, if you haven't already.
    http://www.audiolivepro.com I think it's an upright (? Olivier?), but it's still a really nice piano - I like it a lot! (and not just because it's free) It's in GIG format.


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    Re: A piano for me

    Hi Luca,

    I think you already have EW Steinway B - which I think you will have a difficult time beating for an all round workhorse. Is there a special application you need a different piano for? maybe you want something cuts through more?


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    Re: A piano for me

    Thanks for your replies.

    Sullivang: thanks, I'll give a try to it.

    Joanne: Yes, I already own the Steinway B that come with EWQLSO, that's a very nice piano. I'd like to buy another one because I want to stay away from those NI stuffs for a while and create a new setup only with Vsampler, that I prefer because is really more stable to me than virtual instruments, and asks significantly less to my CPU. So I can create a larger orchestral setup ready to play.


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