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Topic: Orchestra vs. Ensemble

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    Orchestra vs. Ensemble

    Other than the voice limit (160 vs. unlimited), is the only difference between Orchestra and Ensemble the ability to create your own GigaPulse convolution samples? And if so is this something that most people are likely to use? How exactly does one create thier own convolution samples? I'm just not understanding what abilities GP Pro gives you over the regular GP found in Ensemble, and if I need it. Thanks!

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    Re: Orchestra vs. Ensemble

    There's also more content in Orchestral including Vienna Giga Symphony and other libs.

    As I understand it, GigaPulse in Ensemble restricts you to using the impulses that are shipped with your instruments on those instruments. There may be some workaround to let Piano A's impulse be used on Piano B, but I'm not sure - especially once you start talking about triggering things with pedal ups and downs. With Orchestra you can send any sampled content through any available impulse. Add a GSIF-2 input and you can route your live signals through GPulse. I don't think that's remotely a option in Ensemble or Solo.

    Between the content, poly and GigaPulse freedom, Orchestral was a no-brainer for me, while previously I chose GS96 over GS160. Poly alone wasn't enough for me to move up during the GS2.5 timeframe.


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