Got my GSO3 a few days ago and have been struggling to figure out how to getthe most out of GigaPiano II.

I find the 'pedal up' sound to be pretty nice -- but pedal down just seems like it's:
a) Too loud
b) Has a harsh sound

Now, experts may tell me - thats what the underlying piano sounds like -- but GSO3 is so customizable, there must be a way to dial in a cleaner sound.

Is there any place where avid GSO3 pianists are exchanging GSI files that have different characters? i.e. SOLO PIANO CLASSICAL.gsi or ROCK PIANO MIX.gsi etc...

If not, is there any interest in setting one up? All this power in GSO3 makes it sooo much more complex to master than its predecesor and I just can't bring myself to downgrade to Gigapiano I!!!