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Topic: Symphonic Poem

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    Symphonic Poem

    I've just completed a symphonic piece that's been waiting to be completed for several months. It's probably not to everyone's taste, but it's got some moments of splendour . I'm far from being a pro, but I share this simply because music is meant to be heard by all and GPO makes it so much more pleasant.

    http://www.thecatcottage.com/simfoniesetoondig.mp3 4.5mb

    Thanks listening.


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    I'm glad I got a chance to listen to this piece! You're right my alley in this original and charming exploration into musical fantasy!

    I enjoyed the way that you had various instruments come to the fore and take their turns. It was a constant delight, If anything, I would expand this piece and let each section broaden out a bit more.

    About the only criticism that I have is that there is something (to my ears) about the "voicing" that doesn't quite seem broad enough. There's "something" about the "sonic field" that seems slightly constrained or "bottled". Some of it might be the parallelism (intentional of not) right towards the beginning of the piece. Perhaps more contrast in textures and/or dynamic might spruce it up a bit.

    I really enjoyed the new theme introduced around 3:20 (perhaps it's the arpeggiation to which I relate!). It takes off in some totally delightful ways.

    Don't make us wait a long time for the next version or your next creation!

    Thanks for posting this!


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    Re: Symphonic Poem


    I enjoyed your symphonic piece. I liked the interplay between the instruments and the runs and the glisses especially. You are so right about it having "some moments of splendour" - there are extraordinary monents indeed. Excellent composition and arranging!

    The only thing I can think of to make it better has to do with the mix. There are some balances among the instruments that could be tweaked and judicous use of ambience (like reverb or impulses) that may make this work shine even more.

    Thank you for sharing your work with us an I am looking forward to hearing even more of your music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Symphonic Poem

    I liked this piece too. It was really nice. The use of the vibraphone was actually nice. I would ad some reverb to it though. Preferably a good impulse.

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    This is a piece of epic proportions! I will say personally at first I had to check once more who the composer is. Right up there with some of the greats! I too love the interplay of the instruments and you have achieved quite a balance between them. I could hear each instrument clearly and cleanly.
    Nice work!

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