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Topic: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

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    Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

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    From Americans for Tax Reform:

    Last year, John Kerry and his wife paid just 12% of their combined income in income taxes, despite their assertion that the rich should contribute increased amounts to government coffers. In contrast, President and Mrs. Bush, who had a substantially lower income than the Kerry's, paid over 28% in taxes.
    "John Kerry wants other Americans to pay higher taxes while he and his wife manage to pay a rate lower than most of the middle class," said ATR President Grover Norquist. "Apparently, the Kerry's think everyone else should pay higher taxes but them."

    In addition to finding loopholes and write-offs to decrease his taxes, John Kerry has declined to pay a small, voluntary tax in his home state. The Massachusetts state income tax code contains a provision allowing payers to contribute an extra .6% of their income to benefit the commonwealth. Kerry has consistently failed to pay the extra money, which would have amounted to $687 dollars last year.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    What else would one expect from a hypocrit?
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    Perhaps Kerry is right and the rich are not paying their fair share.

    ...at least not THESE rich folks.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    Most rich people are very smart about finding tax loopholes and paying very little tax. It wouldn't suprise me if Kerry was one of these people, cause it's pretty much all of them. Where did you get these numbers from? The other way to do it (the Bush way) is to hide your income.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    If the information was that one of these guys (or both) cheated on their taxes, then you'd have a story with some weight. As it is, this just shows how lame the US tax code is when you get into the write-offs and loopholes available to those at the top.


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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    Bring on the flat tax, I say.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    So much for details! I looked it up and found that Kerry and his wife file seperately. Kerry paid like 26% of his income in tax. His wife is a typical billionaire that seems to be good at paying very low taxes. It's a tricky situation. It seems unlikely that if one remarried late in life, and the person was a billionaire, that you would start telling them to pay more taxes, or that they would listen. Still, the fact remains.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    Quote Originally Posted by glennm01
    Bring on the flat tax, I say.
    I agree with this one, too.

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    Re: Kerry 12%, Bush 28%

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Glenn, for once you and I agree.
    There is indeed hope for humanity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Well, if that ever happens, I guess my Debra should be looking for a new job!
    Hey, if Russia can do it, so can we.

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