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Topic: Imbedding old libraries

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    Imbedding old libraries

    can we start a dialog about how to do this? I have studied the manual and just don't get it.

    Anyone care to share?


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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    This is a good idea for a topic. A good place to start would be to understand what an embedded instrument plays like .... but I have a few problems here.

    ... amongst the freebies there is a DT Sound Puili (?) which seems to be an instrument with an embedded pulse. It has an FX icon beside it when loaded into a slot. Sure enough if you click on the FX button in the midi mixer GigaPulse SP reveals itself ... but no instrument appears on the keyboard, and I can't hear it.

    (I also can't load any of the Scarbee demos ... they load ... but no sound)

    Anyone else experiencing this ?

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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    Don’t you think the Sample Library Discussion area would be a better place to start this thread?

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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    No bill, I don't think the sample area is a better place to have this discussion. We are trying to learn HOW to use the new GS3 not commenting on the "sound" of a certain library.

    This is a nuts and bolts discussion and this is exactly the place to have that discussion.


    I was fooled by the DTSounds thing as well, but if you look closely at the keyboard you see that some of the black keys have turned grey??? These will play the samples and i believe the mod wheel will give you the ambience.

    I really think Tascam has to do something in an update about the coloring of the keys when an instrument is loaded. Also, when the keyswitches are "far below" the actual instrument it would be nice to be able to "see" where you are when hitting the keys to find them. I have short keyborad i use to do most of the set up work in GS3 and i'm always using the up and down octave button to get to the keyseitches...it's easy to get lost for a momennt.

    I want to take my favorite piano of all time, "Franky's Yamaha " from Vintaudio and be able to imbed it with the GP2's pedal down response and release response?

    I just don't see how the manual i have could be more vague.

    I can't make heads or tails out of it. I'm going to work on it some more today, and i will post more if i figure something out.

    Oh and Bill...never mind


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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    Make sure your INS button on the DSP is bright green (i.e., enabled) and not dark green (temporarily disabled).


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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    Oh yes, the the slightly greyer black keys. Got it. Wow, isn't a puili an underwhelming instrument ;-) Still it gives you an idea of how of impulses can be embedded.

    In terms of how to embed pulses into instruments ... this doesn't seem to be covered in the manual at all. Indeed none of the dialogue boxes of GigaPulse are covered ....

    Giga Editor doesn't seem to be the place to embed impulses (did a quick search in its on-line help.)

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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    Regarding the "DT Sounds" Pulli instrument, look in the folder OUTSIDE of GigaStudio (in Windows Explorer). There is an enclosed .pdf that explains all of the Pulli content, including the "bundled" GS Extension files.

    The Pulli included isn't very dramatic, but it is part of an forthcoming "Percussion for Film" library.

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    Angry Re: Imbedding old libraries

    I'm guessing that the lack of response is indicative of the fact that nobody really cares about being able to imbed their old libraries with GP. OR that you all have figured it out and i'm a big dummy?

    Guess i will have to wait for the DVD tutorial to come out sometime in 06

    Hey Dave Govette (sp) are you going to do another helpful DVD?


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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    No, I think it's more that we're all still going through other built-in features of gigastudio3 and GigaPulse. I'm still trying to figure out the midi rules part. However, I've got a number of 24-bit IRs I'd like to place in a GSI...so I'll be watching this topic with the rest of you.


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    Re: Imbedding old libraries

    I'm trying to finish a film for the Sundance deadline (24th!!!!!), and have to have two episodes of a series finished during that period as well. When things chill out, I'll try to help out with this.

    One thing for certain. Make GSI files, rather than embedding GIGs with GigaPulse. That way the GIG doesn't get tied down to the GigaPulse loading, should something go wrong. Saves disk space as well.

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