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Topic: Usage square?

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    Usage square?

    What is the "Usage" catagory in the loader pane for. sometimes it is partially or all red and i can't figure out why? Looked in the manual but that did not help.

    I have loaded at one time or another all of the new GS3 libs but only dsome of them have the red filled in???

    BTW, you can only view this when you select view by details.

    Another question, anybody know how to get GS3 to default to "View by List" instead of "details" I'm really tired of having to do this everytime i open GS3


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    Re: Usage square?

    Gigs can have multiple instruments, and each instrument may share samples or use unique ones. From what I can tell the red box tells you what percentage of the samples in a gig are loaded into GS3. It's based on the number of samples, not the size of the samples.

    One thing you'll notice is that if you already have 100% of a gig loaded, but not all artuculations are loaded, you can load the other articulations very quickly with little or no impact on RAM. If only 50% of a gig is loaded, be prepared to use more RAM for that next articulation.


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    Re: Usage square?

    I get the some squares filled in in red to some degree when i have nothing loaded and i just booted up GS3?

    also, i have been playing around with the automation of GP sliders and such....it sure doesn't take much to crash GS3 at all. Reset a couple of sliders and you're REBOOTING

    Nice feature if it worked, but now i'm afraid to touch em'


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