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Topic: A Tale of Two Disks

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    A Tale of Two Disks

    I have two indentical 120GB IDE disks connected to an ATA-133 PCI card on my Mac that I store various libraries on. When I run xbench, once disk gets a score of around 121, while the other scores only 97. Since I stream samples from both disks, I'm a bit concerned about how this discrepancy affects my performance. Does anyone know what might make one drive so noticeably slower than the other? Both drives, by the way, are on their own separate ATA-133 bus.

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    Re: A Tale of Two Disks

    Were there already datas on your drives before benching them? Because this can influence it. These benches are mostly to be used on fresh-formated drives.

    Another idea : does the cluster size is the same on each drive?

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    Re: A Tale of Two Disks

    Cluster size is the same. Both drives do have data on them, but interestingly, the slower of the two has far less data. It's got about 55GB on it and the faster one has around 100GB full. Both drives are okay according to Disk Utility. Still stumped...

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    Re: A Tale of Two Disks

    Did you defragment them?

    Other idea : did you tried to invert them, to see if it comes from your PCI card?

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