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Topic: Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

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    Question Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

    Hello everyone.Is there anybody out there using similar system?(win xp sp1+cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010)Are there any issues?What about deltas beta drivers for gsif2?Does it work o.k. with sx and GS3?. Can you export audio through rewire from GS3 to sx?Any issues with that?I would be most grateful if someone with similar system could write about his/her experiencies.I would like to upgrade my GS96 to GS3orch. as soon as GS3 hits the stores in europe.Many many thanks in advance.( asus p4p800-e deluxe. P4 3.0. 1gig kingston value ram. Ati radeon 9600.Plextor dvd r/rw 708a.) Markku Kanerva.

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    Re: Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

    As it happens... yes. I haven't installed the GSIF2 drivers for the Delta card yet as they are still beta. I'm happily using Giga3 Orchestra with rewire in Cubase and it's all working extremely well. I haven't started any 'big' projects yet, but I'm feeling confident as the system feels really solid.

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    Wink Re: Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

    This is very nice to hear.Thanks for your replay.I still wonder is there anybody out there using m-audio,s beta drivers with GS3?

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    Talking Re: Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

    I am using Cubase SX 2 and GS3 with a Layla24 , but I am going to put Giga on its own machine I think which infact will be Giga, Delta 1010LT and if I need to ,....Cubase as well.

    But I'm also gonna check out the Re-wire thing and see what that's all about because I don't know anything about it, and a lot of people seem to dig it, so, If I can give Giga its own environment and still have some RAM and CPU left for my VSTi's, I think that would be great.

    Then that will also increase my LCD screen count from 2 to 3 which should make the environment less crowded too.

    So I'll let you know what happens!!!

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    Re: Any body using cubase sx2+GS3+delta 1010?

    I have a similar question...is anyone using cubase se with the above combination? Do I need to move to cubase sx or will cubase se work?

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