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Topic: Importing impulses into gigapluse

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    Importing impulses into gigapluse

    Anyone have any info on how to import impulses into gigapulse?
    I would like to use some of the sound forge impulses I have.
    The manual says see electronic documentation on how to do this
    but I cannot find any documents in the Tascam install folder related
    to this subject.


    Steve Fawcett

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    Re: Importing impulses into gigapluse

    A hint seems to be in the manual in the preceding sentence at the top of page 261. The File Menu. I got to it in the DSP station view. In the Insert dropdown, under Native Plugins, picked GigaPulse, and voila... GigaPulse Pro NFX opened up. With the File dropdown on the left edge. Popped open File and chose New. Checked off a couple boxes below "Specify Microphone Placements" (LFront and RFront for starters) and the Add buttons lit up on the right hand side. Check off Enable this Source Placement and browse for some impulse wavs...

    OK, I didn't do the last step or go any further. (Deja Vous... lost again in the Munich subway system.) But that's probably enough for someone braver than I to work the rest out... and sell me the video.


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    Re: Importing impulses into gigapluse

    Thanks Howard, that looks like the secret entrance. Guess I didn't look
    hard enough. Haven't tried it yet.


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