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Topic: New Reverb for Studio? (Gary?)

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    Question New Reverb for Studio? (Gary?)

    Hi Y'all,

    I am a notation guy and I would love to not have to go into a sequencer because of the CPU intensive nature of Ambience. There is Freeverb and Freeverbtoo which are excellent sounding reverbs and much less cpu intensive than Ambience (and you can't beat the price).

    What does anyone (Gary, Tom ) think of the possibility of incorporating a less cpu intensive but high quality reverb in a new release of Studio.

    Just a thought.

    Gary Young

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    Re: New Reverb for Studio? (Gary?)

    Gary, as I said before in the other topic (can't remember which), Bidule allows this functionality and I recommend it. It takes a little set up and you need some additional software to get it to work, but it allows you the flexibility of using just about any VST with GPO possible. This way you can use GPO with a notation program of your choosing and any VST's you want to add to the audio chain are available in Bidule. Let me know if you are interested and I can help you get it set up. Also, Bidule is free as it is still in the beta stages.

    Bidule from http://www.plogue.com is made by the same folks who made Studio.

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    Re: New Reverb for Studio? (Gary?)

    I love the sound of Ambience, but I agree it is something of a resource hog. Tried out FreeverbToo and indeed it is great. The sequel is better than the original!
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    Re: New Reverb for Studio? (Gary?)

    Good idea but FreeVerb is for Windows only. Unless, they recently came out with a Mac version. It would have to be cross platform.


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