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Topic: >>>Performance Tool + Halion + CubaseSX Question!!!!

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    >>>Performance Tool + Halion + CubaseSX Question!!!!

    Howdy...Ive just finished converting my Opus 1 to Halion format in Cubase SX2....I setup Cubase using Tim Kiel's "monitor" method for routing and it works absolutely perfect.


    However, I have encountered a problem that I can't seem to figure out. When I try to export an audio mixdown...all the tracks that use the performance tool aren't rendered. Every other track renders fine...my stormdrum tracks, galaxy steinway, etc....those all render fine....but any track using the legato, alternation, or repitition isnt in the mix. Can anyone out there help me?


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    Re: >>>Performance Tool + Halion + CubaseSX Question!!!!

    First guess would be to do a realtime render.
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    Re: >>>Performance Tool + Halion + CubaseSX Question!!!!

    Yes - try that and see if that works.

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