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Topic: Galaxy Piano Users - Questions for you

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    Galaxy Piano Users - Questions for you

    After going through the list of pianos, I'm very interested in this one.

    I have a few questions:

    1. On some demos I hear the notes are super short. Almost like there's no decay. Yet on the info page it says "Sample length up to 40 seconds, hence no loops." Why do some demos have this wierd behavior?

    2. Galaxy is panned very extreme left to right. How do you guys fit this into your nonsolo piano pieces (like orchestral)? Nick Phoenix once suggested collapsing the stereo field with it. How does one do this with Galaxy? Do I need additional software to do this?

    Appreciate the info.

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    Re: Galaxy Piano Users - Questions for you

    Galaxy notes go for days (well, not quite but long enough for what you need.)

    The way Galaxy is set up is that there are individual mic positions recorded as samples. Simply set it up for stereo and you're set. No need to hard pan them or collapse stereo field - just leave off the surround mics.

    Here is a short demo of Galaxy I did a couple of months ago using just the stereo version:


    Its a breeze to work with. Try it.


    Frederick Russ
    Sanctus Angelis Online

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    Re: Galaxy Piano Users - Questions for you

    Thanks. I actually did a search before and had your demo for some time now. It's what actually sold me on galaxy because it sounded very flexible since your demo sounded very different from other demos. It seems to work well for many styles.

    You answered my other question that I forgot to ask. I am not interested in the surround options. Just the stereo as I don't have surround monitoring set up.

    If I wanted to focus the spread of the piano so it doesn't sound so wide, how exactly could I do this, or is it really not necessary even in an orchestral context. Forgive me as I'm a little confused about doing this.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Galaxy Piano Users - Questions for you

    "Its a breeze to work with. Try it."

    Well, it is high on my list of considerations. But I can not discover what additional software I will need to use it. I am using Sonar 2.2, Sibelius, and Overture SE (bundled with GPO). Will I need an additional something, such as a VST host, like GPO studio, or what? My first choice really would be PMI Steinway, but that would require a VST host, which I don't have, and have not any idea of what to look for if I should purchase one. Life was simpler back when I could get a decent piano by overhauling a wreck in my shop and selling it to myself cheap!

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