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Topic: legato control - solo vs. ensemble trombones

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    legato control - solo vs. ensemble trombones

    I'm working on playing back a score using GPO/Kontakt player in Logic 6.4.2 (Mac OSX) and have run into a puzzling problem with implementing legato articulations using the CC#64 inserted into the midi sequence. In particular, I have an instance of the Kontakt player loaded with an ensemble of trombones. I can control the articulation quite nicely with the solo tenor trombone instrument; however, if I use one of the ensemble trombones in the same slot (playing the same midi sequence), the sustain control produces an effect like a piano sustain pedal - all the notes in the phrase are sustained for a long period as they are played - so by the end of the phrase there is just a raucous wall of sound. The effect is binary in a sense-for all values of CC64 less than 64 I here no effect, for 64 and up, I get the full sustain effect. Am I overlooking something? Needless to say, except for the substitution of the solo vs ensemble trombone, the settings on the Kontakt player are identical. The sustain option is set to "normal". (I haven't checked yet to see if this behaviour carries over to other instruments.)

    If there is no other solution, I could populate the trombone section with solo trombones. In this case, will I run into phasing issues? There are a few unison sections in the piece...

    Thanks in advance for any support...

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    Re: legato control - solo vs. ensemble trombones

    The sustain option should not be set to "normal" for wind instruments. "Normal" describes the traditional use of this control, which is to sustain in the manner of a piano. Set it to "Midi Controller" and you should be ok.

    The reason you probably haven't noticed this behavior in the solo instrument, is that by default it is set to use just one voice, so you won't hear overlapping of notes.
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    Re: legato control - solo vs. ensemble trombones

    Thanks; I followed your suggestion & everything is working now.

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