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Topic: Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

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    Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

    I play organ and piano, with my keyboard, purely for pleasure. I don't perform or compose (yet), and therefore do not make any money playing. I do thoroughly enjoy it though, and so I decided I would try and put down the money for GigaStudio 3 and the orgona.org organ sample set. I listened to the demos, but I would like some opinions on whether or not I will be satisfied with the compact edition of their organ library. GigaStudio itself is nearly $400 for the Ensemble version (which seems like the best value), and so another $400 for an organ library is pushing the bounds on how much I am willing to, or even can spend. I play mostly Bach, and similar baroque styles. I like the big, melodromatic symphonic organ sound, but I can appreciate and find use for the softer, mellower sounds as well. Will I be disappointed with the compact edition?

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    Re: Compact Notre Dame de Budapest


    I also played the organ for many years, made my cost of University education by playing it. Some of the organs I was lucky to play included one with only wood-pipes, and to a modern one with pipes around the perimeter of a former muslim mosque converted Catholic church.
    Playing the Budapest organ coming with GS3 is "OK". I miss the sound of pedals. I do not know if they are included in some form in the full version.
    The pianos comming with GS3 are very good.
    Reading that your taste is similar to mine, and your comment: "not yet" composing, (but you will be, belive me) I would buy GS3. Would I buy the full version of the Budapest? I would wait a while and see how I like what I hear.
    Good luck.

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    Re: Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

    Thank you for your reply. As for the pedals, don't the full and compact versions both come with the appropriate samples? On the library section of orgona.org (http://www.orgona.org/e_library.php) they have a list of stops and combinations on both manuals and pedals, with sound demos. The only catch of course is that you need a MIDI pedal to play with. I'm hoping to make one out of an old Hammond organ pedal set and an Oxygen8 MIDI controller. The pedals orgona.org sells are very expensive.

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