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Topic: Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

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    Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

    I play organ and piano, with my keyboard, purely for pleasure. I don't perform or compose (yet), and therefore do not make any money playing. I do thoroughly enjoy it though, and so I decided I would try and put down the money for GigaStudio 3 and the orgona.org organ sample set. I listened to the demos, but I would like some opinions on whether or not I will be satisfied with the compact edition of their organ library. GigaStudio itself is nearly $400 for the Ensemble version (which seems like the best value), and so another $400 for an organ library is pushing the bounds on how much I am willing to, or even can spend. I play mostly Bach, and similar baroque styles. I like the big, melodromatic symphonic organ sound, but I can appreciate and find use for the softer, mellower sounds as well. Will I be disappointed with the compact edition?

    (I posted this in the GigaStudio forum too, but it seemed appropriate here too.)

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    Re: Compact Notre Dame de Budapest

    I'm not sure what the compact version includes, but I can tell you that the full version would make you an extremely happy person for the foreseeable future. You might consider it a one-whack investment in some really outstanding organ samples.

    It's one of those "one of a kind" libraries. Really inspired and inspiring.

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