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Topic: Get me updated please! :)

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    Get me updated please! :)


    I havent been here in quite a while. What has happened in the last few months? Is that band-version of gpo released yet? if not - progress?
    Has there been any updates for GPO? Any new sounds? Is the kontaktplayer updated?

    Please update my mind

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    Talking Re: Get me updated please! :)

    Everything you need in terms of a quick update is right here.


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    Re: Get me updated please! :)

    Heck yeah, I've been enjoying the sounds of the GPO Celtic and Big Band add on for months now. Where the heck have you been?

    Seriously, the big band add on is still in the works and more details will surely come to light in the coming months. If I had to guess, the next Kontakt player update along with a library update will surface in a few weeks.

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