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Topic: Post fortepiano supremo!

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    Post fortepiano supremo!

    I know there are a few pianists in these forums and wondered how many have had a chance to play the Post Fortepiano. Mine arrived yesterday and I've just had the most enjoyable 3 hours I think I've spent playing a sample library at anytime. This is a simply superb instrument and anybody who loves to play classical works will undoubtedly enjoy it.

    Its currently in Giga format (no idea if there will be a vsti of it in future) but it transfered into Halion flawlessly. The note release samples are beautifully captured and its a very inspired bit of recording and programming.

    A bit of a hidden jewel methinks
    Trev Parks

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    Re: Post fortepiano supremo!

    Oh for gods sake, I really didn't want to have to buy the freaking thing since I'm in debt up to my bum anyway, but I guess another 60 bucks on that CC isn't going to hurt anything.

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    Re: Post fortepiano supremo!

    Yes ! Love that piano ! Not always practical, although it is tons of fun to play. More of a novelty item. Makes ya feel like Chopin !!!

    Wish there were more period instruments sampled.


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    Re: Post fortepiano supremo!

    Hee, hee, I just ordered me 2 copies. It'd better live up to the hype or I'm coming after you.

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