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Topic: Hub and network question

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    Hub and network question

    I currently have two computers networked with a crossover cable, running MIDI Over Lan. It's a nice set-up but I want to add another computer. So I need to purchase a hub to network three or more computers.

    Anyone have any advice on what sort of hub to get? Will a passive hub suffice or do I need an intelligent hub? What's the difference between these?

    Will I still be able to use the one crossover cable for one of the connections and buy two more of them or do I need completely different cables? (I think the cable I have is a Cat 5e)

    (P4, 2.8 gHz, 2 gigs ram, 3 7200 hard drives, W2k, Gina 24, Cakewalk HS and Gigatudio on computer 1, Kontakt and Gigastudio on computer 2. Computer 2 nearly the same as computer 1; computer 3 will be the same as computer 2)



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    Re: Hub and network question

    Most cheap switches will do what you are after. I wouldn't worry about active/passive or anything like that at all. Recently I picked up a 5 port gigabit switch for $50 US so they are not going to break the bank.
    Alot of switches will allow a crossover to be plugged in to a host computer, but, I'd personally suggest just to use straight through normal cables for them.
    Normal cat 5e cables will be fine and unless they have been mistreated should give you very good performance.


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    Re: Hub and network question

    Definetely a switch is the way to go. A hub is like a single lane road where is a switch is a two lane freeway. (fast cars can pass the slow ones.) In a hub, a slow car holds up everyone.

    Also, if you are going to be streaming audio over the network, upgrade to CAT6 cable. If it is solely for streaming midi data, CAT 5E will be fine.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Hub and network question

    Thanks Steve

    Thanks Scott

    I think the hub will work out since I will be restricting this to MIDI.

    I'll look into switches too.


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    Re: Hub and network question

    A brief update on my network issue. I bought a 5 port gigabit switch since the store did not have a hub.

    This has to be the easiest modification or upgrade that I have ever performed on my computers. No software involved; just rerouting the cables.

    The switch was very inexpensive and it came with a rebate.

    Thanks again Steve and Scott.

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    Re: Hub and network question

    Glad to hear everything turned out ok. I never thought to say it may be difficult to get a real hub anymore, but, i suspect this will become more and more the case as time goes on. I had a look around and there is normally no proice difference at all between a hub and a switch, if anything, these days the switch will be a dollar or two cheaper.


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