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Topic: GS3 performance files

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    GS3 performance files

    In the mixer page the 3 assignable options are Volume,Tune and Pan. I hardly ever use Tune, set my pan in my sequencer, but use the controls Modulation and Expression always. It helps me to looka the instrument and see the settings i have for Volume,Modulation and Expression. I set my mixer pages as I wish to see them, save it as a default,save it as a performace, and on reloading all is changed back to GS3 defaults. I know, that the settings I had saved are there, but I had to change the display again and again. Is there a way to save MY preference?



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    Re: GS3 performance files

    Be sure to send this request in to Tascam's tech support e-mail, or phone it in as a feature request. They look at this forum now and then, but their main efforts are e-mail and phone based.

    It's a good suggestion. There should definitely be a way to save these setups.

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    Re: GS3 performance files

    I wonder if this should be in the performance, or should it be a global setting? I can think of arguments for both, but I think I prefer global.


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    Re: GS3 performance files

    I have exactly the same problem. I work for a company that previously used GigaStudio 2 (160) for our product. There was no problem with saving these settings and they always came back when the GSP was realoaded. If anyone finds a way to repeat this with Giga3 please let me know.

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    Re: GS3 performance files

    I did send about this to Tascam as a wish-list and as a tech-service request, moons ago. Reply: Bump.
    Since Tascam have no user's forum any more, maybe they do not read this forum either, (to avoid work)...


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