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Topic: Separate snare from kit-How to

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    Separate snare from kit-How to

    How can I separate the snare, kick, toms, cymbals so they will come out of the AUX in Logic like EXS drums can?

    (to be processed separately)

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    Re: Separate snare from kit-How to

    Hi rJames,

    I don't believe that samples can be directed to multiple outputs from within a Kontakt instrument. The way that I do it is by creating separate .nki files for the drum kit (Kick, Snare, Toms, etc.). Each instrument will be assigned to an individual output.

    If you can't be bothered to do this, the other way that I've done it is by loading the same instrument into the same instance of Kontakt and using different midi channels for each part. Here is an example:

    - Load Kontakt into track 1 on the arrange page in Logic
    - Load "Pop Kit"
    - Set that instrument's MIDI Channel to 1 and leave the default outputs
    - Load "Pop Kit" again
    - Set this instrument's MIDI Channel to 2 and set the outputs to 3/4
    - continue

    I'll use MIDI Channel 1 for the kick, channel 2 for the snare, etc.

    The second method doesn't use any more memory than loading a single instance of the "Pop Kit" because it is contained within the same instance of Kontakt. If, however, you went to track 2 in Logic (which is assigned to Audio Instrument 2) and loaded Kontakt and another instance of the Pop Kit, you'd be using more memory.


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    Re: Separate snare from kit-How to

    Yes, I see how to do it.

    Its so illogical to have to write a part for a drum kit and then separate the lines to different midi channels.

    I suppose there's a way in Logic to finish the track and then choose all the d,d#and e's (or whrer ever the snare is) and then "Create a new track"??

    And then editing and fine tuning you have to go from track to track.

    How does DFH Superior work? Can you write your part all on one midi track but have separate outs for processing?

    I guess I've just grown accustomed to the EXS and RMIV. I like that way.

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    Re: Separate snare from kit-How to

    Hi rJames,

    The way that I work typically is that I simply load in the one version of the kit. I work off of the single MIDI channel. In order to split the different notes onto different tracks (and have Logic auto create the tracks for you), is to use the Function (Demix by Note Pitch) which is under the Split/Demix menu within Function. You can also assign a Key Command to do this. Then, you simply select the sequences one at a time and assign the appropriate MIDI channel.

    If you have more than one drum sequence in your song, Logic will demix each of these separately. So, for example, if each drum sequence has only kick and snare drum hits, and you have 2 drum sequences in total, you'll end up with 4 demixed sequences altogether (2 snares, 2 kicks). In this case you may want to merge them before doing the demix. You can also use the Transform window to set the midi channel.

    DFH Superior has this separation built into it (I'm assuming that you're talking about DFH Superior and not DFH 2). I haven't tried the latest update to DFH Superior but it works a little wonky with Logic as of the last version that I was using. The problem is that you cannot set which output these go to. Kick is always output one and the top snare mic is always output 2. These are mono channels and show up with Kick on the left side of your audio instrument and the top snare on your right side. You need to reroute in Logic by going through busses, applying panning, going into Auxes, etc. Toontrack was supposed to come up with an alternative for Logic users but I haven't followed up on it. I know that there is a recent version that they just put up at their website but I haven't had a chance to try it out.

    Aside from that, yes you can have your part on one midi track and use separate outs for processing. It is a great library but requires some work in setting up. If you buy it, I would recommend setting up some basic templates to allow you to simply start working when you want to write a new track. Otherwise, you'll be spending time redoing all of the bussing that you need to do in order to use its separate outputs adequately.


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