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Topic: dfh SUPERIOR v.1.3.0 OUT NOW!

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    dfh SUPERIOR v.1.3.0 OUT NOW!


    We have uploaded a new version of the Superior plugins, login and download here: www.toontrack.com/user/userlogin.asp

    Also, go to the free user area once logged in and download the SoundFileUpdate.zip, it contains some soundfile fixes, note that if you install that, you do not need to install the soundstat installation in the update....


    *Two new Tama snares
    *New graphics with a smaller construction~window among other things
    *E-Drum support with Continuous Controller
    *E-Drum saves (.dfh)
    *Sound preview and midi playback in construction~window (change instruments in realtime)
    *No loading times at all in Construction~window (you need to install the *soundstat installation or install the SoundFileUpdate)
    *Cache state is now remembered when opening a saved project
    *Save presets in construction page now possible
    *MB Count in Edit Instruments Window
    *Restart and Settings added to Edit instruments Window
    *Aftertouch added to fade instrument (for e-drummers)
    *New Manual (replaces the one that came with the box)
    *Project files and Tutorial for Logic, Sonar, Pro Tools, DP & Cubase (PC & MacOSX)


    Best regards
    /Mattias Eklund - Toontrack

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    Re: dfh SUPERIOR v.1.3.0 OUT NOW!

    Thanks for this! I've been looking forward to these fixes.

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