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Topic: Sample count limit?

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    Sample count limit?


    Does anyone know how many individual samples Kontakt can have loaded at any one time? I'm running 1.5.3 on a Mac (G4 1.25) within V-Stack, in DFD mode and it feels like it's maxing out at about the 10,000 samples mark. What happens is that when I try to load another preset, it stops and asks for a sample it can't find. If I use 'Auto Find' it finds the correct sample, asks if I want to use the remaining path, but then asks again for that same sample. It carries on like this in a loop. If I try the 'Find' option I can get as far as the Sample folder but can't access/see any samples to choose. I've tried the same thing as Stand Alone and within Digital Performer, plus on a different machine (G5 2.5) but I get the same result every time.



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    Re: Sample count limit?

    If anyone could test this out by trying to load more than 10,500 samples (even on a PC - then at least I'd know it was a Mac problem), I'd be really appreciative. Also, loading up another instance doesn't get round this.



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