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Topic: Halion 3 bank saving problem....

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    Halion 3 bank saving problem....

    I got Halion 3 around 2 months ago and have only recently started to play around with it.
    Today I loaded a few patches (not all were assigned to a channel) and decided to use 'save bank' to save all the loaded presets and the current Halion setup.

    Upon reloading the bank, I found that on some programs the samples hadn't loaded, for no reason whatsoever.
    They are a darker blue and although I can reload each sample seperately, I can't select a number of them and reload.

    This makes no sense; there's plenty of memory left and the sample dir hasn't moved or anything? Anyone know what the problem is?



    (btw. just read about the loading presets on the last few midichannels problem but these programs are only on the first few channels)

    Also, the content I'm loading is the Halion Demo content that came with the install. I have applied the latest patches.

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    Re: Halion 3 bank saving problem....

    Could have something to do with library copy protection. Some of the demo material will allow the samples to be modified, but not saved to a different location or file name. Sort of like NKI files used in Kompakt or Kontakt players.


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    Re: Halion 3 bank saving problem....

    After looking around on the steinberg forum it turns out this is a known Halion Bug, which apparently will be fixed in an upcoming update.

    I hope they do fix it, as it makes Halion 3 practically unuseable (at least with the demo content provided).
    Currently, reloading sessions or loading a bank in Halion itself is completely unreliable; programs will be missing samples, I got a 'content file damaged' message for no apparent reason, and channels had wrongly assigned programs on them with no samples loaded.

    Although I don't want to start slagging steinberg's QA, these are obvious bugs that can be found by simply starting up halion, loading a few patches from the demo content cd, saving a bank (or session) and reloading it.
    You'll find that either:
    -programs are loaded but samples aren't
    -programs are loaded but your channel setup is completely messed up
    -a combination of the two
    -a 'content error' or missing samples error upon loading presets.

    Quite dissapointing really..



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