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Topic: GS 3.0 problems

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    GS 3.0 problems

    I got my copy today, and I tried installing it, but it came up with an error and did not complete the install. I disabled Hyper-threading before installing the software. The error speculated about disc being full. I tried to install again after removing some WAV files from My Documents, and I tried un-install..."Cannot open LOG.INSTALL file". The program will not function correctly until it is installed properly.

    I am using windows 2000, and I know some people got it work. Can someone offer some advice and help. Telling me to get XP is not a solution. Where is Giga-clean? I could not find it in the Manuel.

    I have a Pentium four 2.5 gigahurtz, 2 gigs of RAM, Win2k...

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    Re: GS 3.0 problems

    > Telling me to get XP is not a solution.

    Of course it’s a solution…

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    Re: GS 3.0 problems

    GigaClean is on the DVD. It will kill your 10-day grace period, so tread lightly.


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    Re: GS 3.0 problems

    Things really got messed up...I am re-formating the hard drive. I found Giga-clean, but I will use it sparingly. With everything starting over...using that is moot point. I at least know where it is.

    I am hoping the convertion to NTFS will help. It was FAT32 before.

    If I must get XP, I will, but first I want to try this other method. IF anything else, I can start from scratch, and have the other problems gone.

    When I got the computer, the guy who put the system together installed drivers that go with the on board soundcard. I tried to remove them, but dont' think they ever got deleted...at least they will be now...

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