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Topic: having trouble with playback in GPO

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    having trouble with playback in GPO

    I was hoping someone could help me out. I use FInale 2005 and use GPO to play back the notation. I am also using ASIO as my interface. When I playback music on Finale the sounds come out forced (timing-wise) and the timing pushes and pulls throughout. This especially happens with the marimba instrument. Would anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this. I can not get a piece of music to play back properly and it is very irritating. Thank you very much.

    John Bogenschutz

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    Re: having trouble with playback in GPO

    Do you have Human Playback on? Try turning it off, or choosing a different playback style.

    Another thing to try is to define a custom playback style. There should be a slider somewhere (I don't have Finale handy right now, so I can't check) to control rubato-it sounds like it may be set higher than you like it right now.
    Dan Powers

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