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Topic: another GS3 included samples question

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    another GS3 included samples question

    Can anyone with GS3 tell me what the Jim Corrigan demos "Tri Cone demo" and "Wood and Metal Resonator Demo" are like? That is, how many notes, how many articulations,etc.

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    Re: another GS3 included samples question

    In the "Jim Corrigan" folder there is a .pdf document which describes "Resonator", which appears to be a GS3 sample library. Some documentation mentions www.jimcorrigan.net and www.SoundSoReal.com , both of which don't appear to yet be active.

    The two resonator guitar "demo" gigs "Tri-Cone Demo" and "Wood & Metal Body 36-gauge 1 velocity.gig" appear to be limited demos. Each gig only contains one instrument.

    In the GigaStudio Editor it appears:

    - Tri-Cone Demo -- medium velocity picked and medium velocity fingered samples, going from G2 to C#6

    - Wood & Metal Body 36-gauge 1 velocity -- appears to have one set of guitar samples (similar range).

    The enclosed .pdf file seems to describe an "all inclusive" resonator sample set. If you PM me with your email, I can send the .pdf to you.

    I am not sure how useful this "demo" set would be, since it seems to only have about 1/20th (my guess) of the samples in the "real" library.

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    Re: another GS3 included samples question

    Thanks Martin, for taking the time to check that out for me. Yes, I would be interested in the pdf, I'll try PMing you.


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