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Topic: TenCrazy.com MFX CC Map available (free!)

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    TenCrazy.com MFX CC Map available (free!)

    Been a while since I shared a goodie.

    For those of you with MFX-capable systems (Cakewalk hosts, Cubase SX/SL), here another way to map CC messages. I originally created it as a tool to do layered fade-in tricks with GPO's brass overlays. Lots of other uses for it, too...

    Like other mappers, you can turn one CC into another. That's not too special (many hosts do this natively), but there's more! You'll get the knack of fiddling with the Low/High values in no time. Be aware that you can flip the low/high output values to invert the direction of the CC. Combine this with the "Pass Along Input CC" option (aka "play-through"), and you'll have instant cross-fading action!

    Come get it at www.TenCrazy.com

    Play. Create. Enjoy.

    - m

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    Re: TenCrazy.com MFX CC Map available (free!)

    Many thanks, Markleford!

    You know I'm already a satisfied user of "Control Cascade", also "Velocity to CC" and "Port Diag". This sounds like a great addition to the toolset.

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