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Topic: Turning a audio (drum mix) into midi notes?

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    Turning a audio (drum mix) into midi notes?

    Might sound simple, but I have a complex beat mix and was wondering how to slive and send it to midi.

    I don't mean chop/rex.

    Imagine if you will, a drum mix with a tamborine, and by some means, output the mix so that every high-hat triggers midi channel 1, snare midi 2, tom 3, ect, etc, ie., creating a complex mix, (audio) then convert to midi in order to send out another VST instrument.


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    Re: Turning a audio (drum mix) into midi notes?


    There are some software that turn audio to midi. Give them a look:


    I would like myself to check these programs one of these days. In the meantime tell us (or another person here) please what you could share because of the interest of such applications.
    For example I have to transcribe an hour of piano improvisation I made over a session of Murnau´s film "Nosferatu" and such a program could help a lot because of the big amount of music I played, and sometimes a bit complex. Another thing that would be not so easy is to recreate a score considering the tempo/meter changes.
    In your case I suppose you have a steady tempo and a few sounding elements (drums) so maybe one of these program will do the job for you.

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    Re: Turning a audio (drum mix) into midi notes?

    Overview: you need to isolate each hit and use some kind of trigger-to-MIDI (or trigger-to-trigger) device or software. People have been triggering 1-shot drum samplers this way since the early '80s.

    Digital Performer has audio trigger-to-MIDI built in; Pro Tools has an AudioSuite option called SoundReplacer; the Alesis D4, D5, and DM-Pro have trigger inputs; the DrumKAT has trigger inputs; it goes on and on.

    Isolating each hit is the tedious part, and there are several ways to go about that. ReCycle would be one way, drawing in MIDI notes next to each waveform spike would be another, you could try frequency-conscious gating to isolate just the hits you want...this also goes on and on.

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