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Topic: GS3 Instruments and Midi

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    GS3 Instruments and Midi

    I'm having problems changing instruments on gs3 from a midi track. As usual, don't know if I have something wrong somewhere or if it is a gs3 problem.

    Could others who have gs3 up and running with midi do a very simple test, please? Load two instruments into gs3, with different banks. For instance, the solo and ensemble trombones, staccat, that come with gigastudio 3 orchestra: one loads by default into bank 25, program 0, the other into bank 26, program 1. Can you change from solo to ensemble in one midi track, by sending a program change message from your seqencer?

    1:1:000 Program change 25, 0 (Trombone staccato)
    1:2:000 Midi note C4
    2:1:000 Program change 26, 0 (Trombones staccato (ensemble))
    2:1:001 Midi note C4 does not change to ensemble!!
    3:1:000 Program change 25, 0 (Trombone staccato (solo again))
    3:1:001 Midi note C4 NOW it changes to ensemble!!!

    A standard midi file with just this is at

    You have to assign the port correctly to gs3 and load the two trombone instruments,naturally.

    Help appreciated!! Even just the comment that it does or does not work for you would be helpful.



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    Re: GS3 Instruments and Midi

    Hmm. I am seeing the same behavior you describe. I am able to properly change the Bank/Instrument from an external controller keyboard, but if I use Digital Performer, the Instrument (Patch) change takes place on the following change message.

    I am monitoring the midi input to GS3 with the Midi Monitor (View>Midi Monitor), and my keyboard sends the Program Change and Controller Change messages in a different order than Digital Performer. Looks like a difference in the midi implementation. I'm still working on it, though...

    What sequencer are you using?


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    Re: GS3 Instruments and Midi

    I use sonar, version 3PE. Also have samplitude 7, with it's cumbersome midi, and did a limited test with it -- gs3 misses bank changes with midi from samplitude, too.

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    Re: GS3 Instruments and Midi

    I was mistaken about GS3 responding correctly to my keyboard. It can send Bank Select and Program Change independently.

    I have tried this with Digital Performer, Finale, and the Bank Select (only) from the keyboard. All three send the Bank/Program change in this order:

    Program Change (Instrument#)
    CC 0 (Bank Select MSB) = 0
    CC 32 (Bank Select LSB) = Bank#

    It looks like GS3 is looking for this order:

    CC 0 (Bank Select MSB) = 0
    CC 32 (Bank Select LSB) = Bank#
    Program Change (Instrument#)

    I wish I had another Sampler (such as Kontakt) to try this with, but I suspect there may be a bug in GS3's response to the Bank Select.

    I can think of two work-arounds: Edit the Bank/Patch Manager to put your desired instruments under the same Bank# (pain), or double your Bank Select messages so that GS3 will respond to the second Program Change.

    Hopefully Tascam will eventually update their support page to make it easier to report these things...

    Good luck!

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    Re: GS3 Instruments and Midi

    I did some midi monitoring and started a new thread on this. Definitely looks like a gs3 bug.

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