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Topic: GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

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    GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

    By breaking all midi tracks into several pieces by bank/instrument, I was able to make my first recording with gs3. 55 midi tracks, 21 audio tracks, mostly recorded one at a time, not using rewire and not using gigapulse. But the combination of orchestral sounds is coming along pretty well, I think.

    There doesn't seem to be a forum section for gigastudio demos, so hopefully it is ok here.

    It is on soundclick, www.soundclick.com/bands/7/guglielmomusic.htm called "Name this song" (working title, obviously). The first of 3 sections, about 2 1/2 minutes long. Combines GOS, VSL Solo Strings, and AO with some brass and woodwinds from Kurzweil 2600 Orchestral Rom. A lot of work went into placing the bass instruments and achieving duplicated legato lines in the string parts.

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    Re: GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

    I've never seen this soundclick site before. It seems like I have to join, to listen to your file....is that correct : (

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    Re: GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

    dubaifox, I believe you must register in order to download mp3 -- but you should be able to click the 'hi-fi' button and play back the file online, without registering. When I first visited the soundclick site and registered as a listener, it seemed very strange, but I must have gotten used to it. Now it seems perfectly normal!

    Soundclick is mostly popular music, hip hop, etc, but it offers free storage of mp3 files for any kind of musician -- like me, a composer in the classical world. You must signup as a 'band' to have a page with your own music. That is free, too, unless you choose some optional extra services.

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    Re: GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

    Hmmmmm.....hi fi link wouldn't play either?!

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    Re: GS3 Demo (orchestral overture)

    I appreciate your trouble trying to get it! Just tested it myself, and it plays with no problem (but i'm 'cookied' by soundlick, and use the soundclick mp3 player, so that all might help). I'm putting it on a personal page now, temporarily:

    Name this song (mysite.verizon.net/guglielmo/guglielmo+namethissong.mp3)

    Should be able to get a download there. Also, I'm continuing to work on this mix -- there are some phase problems or something in the violas, and the ensemble drifts apart toward the end. (A sonar problem...)

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