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Topic: Truly legato samples

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    Truly legato samples

    OK, now that performance tools for things like legato and alternation are built into GS3 you need sample libraries designed to take advantage of GS3's method for implementing these tools, right? My question is, do I have to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent legato string library that will work with iMIDI? I haven't had time to review the packaged libs, but it's my understanding that there are only a couple of legato enabled instruments in the GS3 package. Would I have to buy one of VSL's mega libraries to get good legato strings? Are there cheaper alternatives?

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    Re: Truly legato samples

    I haven't played with it yet, but there is a section in the manual that explains how to setup an instrument to use the iMIDI legato.

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    Re: Truly legato samples

    Using VSL libraries still requires you to use their "Performance Tool". In their forums, VSL mentions that:
    - their performance tool still does more than iMidi (VSL helped Tascam design iMidi)
    - there would be a significant effort (read money) to reprogram the VSL library to use iMidi

    They mention that they will be creating some items for GS3 (like GS performance files that take advantage of GS3's instrument stacking).

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    Re: Truly legato samples

    Yes, the VSL performance instruments that came with GS3 use iMidi to automatically select the correct VSL legato sample. If you purchase VSL legato instruments you would use their Performance Tools to do this. The VSL PT also handles automatic repetitions and alternation sample choosing. You can purchase the VSL Opus set for just under $1000 as well as First Edition Brass/Woodwinds or Strings for about that price. I would assume there would be other "true" legato libs coming out in the future, especially now that iMidi exists and considering the success of VSL's legato samples.

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