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Topic: Audio popping w/ GigaPiano II and others

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    Audio popping w/ GigaPiano II and others

    I'm getting a random "popping" or "static" sound when playing GS3. It happens not only with GigaPiano but also other sound samples. I haven't been able to nail down exactly when it happens - it's not necessarily just with the pedal (as stated in the readme) but seems to happen when there is a lot of voices trying to be played.

    I tried messing with the audio buffer sizes on my card last night. Started at 512. Brought it up to 1024 and it seemed to lessen the amount of pops - but the latency delay is a bit too much for me. When I tried to increase it to 2048 - GS3 wouldn't even load - just crash.

    This happens straight out of GS3 - no Rewire problems like the other thread. Even when I Rewire through Sonar and play through my Audigy card - the pops still occur, so I don't even know if it's an audio buffer problem.

    I am still really new to this, so any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    Here's my setup:

    P4 2.8Ghz
    1GB RAM
    30GB Raptor SATA
    80GB Maxtor
    M-Audio 2496

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    Re: Audio popping w/ GigaPiano II and others

    JRH, Have you tried optimizing your DAWS?

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    Re: Audio popping w/ GigaPiano II and others

    Are you "stacking" instruments on one channel? I think there's a known issue of popping on a stacked channel.

    My machines are less muscular than yours, and I'm not having this problem (knocking on wood). So the good news is that it's probably just a tweak or a driver update that's needed. Be sure to update video drivers, every hardware driver you can think of. GigaStudio has a way of accentuating problems on a machine.

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    Re: Audio popping w/ GigaPiano II and others

    Thanks - I had concerns with the PDF linked above because I thought it might be outdated. I recall reading somewhere on here that disabling ACPI wasn't such a great idea (or wasn't needed anymore).

    And Bruce - yes! Actually, the strings I had set up were stacked on one channel, so perhaps that was the answer there. Maybe it is just GigaPiano.

    I'll try some of the suggestions in the PDF and update the audio driver (all other drivers are current.).

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