Hi all,

I'm preparing a PC for GS3. This PC is a 3.06 GHz Pentium on a Intel 845 Chipset DDR motherboard and it sometimes takes 3 switch-ons to get the machine to boot properly. By that I mean that sometimes it just has a blank screen and hangs. Alternatively, it will go into the BIOS page and say that the setting of the CPU is the wrong speed, when it is actually the correct speed. If I get past getting out of the BIOS the machine will often (but not always) boot in XP no problem. However, 2 times out of 3 when I shutdown the machine, it will go thru XP's saving settings sequence fine and then restart instead of switching off.
I just wondered if anyone recognised this behaviour and might have any ideas as to what it might be? The PC has 1 Gg of RAM btw.

Thanks, D