I received my upgrade to GigaStudio this week and installed it last night, which is where my troubles started.

To lessen the load on the system (a Pentium 4 @3.0GHz with 1GB RAM) I dedicated one IDE drive to the OS and applications and one 10,000rpm SATA drive to GigaStudio samples. GigaStudio 3 works fine when controlled by a keyboard connected via an M-Audio USB midi interface, but responds poorly when I try to control it via my Yamaha Motif ES8 over mLan.

Previously the Motif would control GigaStudio 2.5 without any problems, but with GS3 I am experiencing stuck notes, and sometimes it does not respond to note on messages either.

I might put this down to GS3 but for two reasons. First, it works fine with a USB midi controller, and secondly because when I look at the mLan driver status I see that I am getting frequent DBC errors. However, these errors were not evident when running GS2.5 on the same machine.

Are the mLan drivers being critically incapacitated by GigaStudio's low-level access to the sound hardware, or am I just putting too much stress on the CPU in attempting to run GS3 on my mLan host? If anyone has a similar setup, I'd be grateful to hear your results.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I reformatted both drives and installed the operating system from scratch last night. GigaStudio is the first application to be installed since doing this, so I have no other software that could be interfering. I am using Windows XP Professional SP2.

Gary O'Donnell