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Topic: GS3 - Sonar 3 & Rewire - Anyone?

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    GS3 - Sonar 3 & Rewire - Anyone?

    I just installed GS3 yesterday and Evrything went super smooth! GS3 runs great on my 3.0ghz 4 gigs Ram 74gig Raptors.
    The one little issue I have when I rewire GS# into Sonar is that in Sonar only rewire channels 1&2 are linked in stereo and 3-64 are all mono. Is there a way to have all the rewire outputs in stereo? Anyone?


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    Re: GS3 - Sonar 3 & Rewire - Anyone?

    I noticed the same thing. The only work around I found was to bring in the mono channel pairs on separate tracks (e.g., Rewire1/2 to track 1; Rewire3 to track 2; and Rewire4 to track 3) to keep stereo results. From the Giga3 manual, it looks as though Rewire is only stereo in the first pair. This is a particular problem when using multiple GigaPulse effects. Hope that someone else can point us to a better solution. (Of course, at this point I can't event get Giga3 Rewire to export without glitches, which is a more critical problem.)


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    Re: GS3 - Sonar 3 & Rewire - Anyone?

    What I've done is let ReWire outs go to the first ReWire track in SONAR and let it remain in stereo. Then all the other rewire channels use up two tracks each in SONAR. Switch them to mono interleave and pan them hard left and right.

    AS far as getting glitches when bouncing or exporting have you deselected "Fast Bounce" in SONAR's export/Bounce dialogue? Tried raising the Bounce Buffer size in Giga system Settings/Synthesizer page? Also might try raising latency before bouncing or go to the aud.ini file in SONAR (Program Files/Cakewalk/SONAR 3 Producer/AUD.INI) and if it's not there add "BounceBufSizeMsec=0" without the quotes. it should be after LatencyMsec under the [Wave] heading. Enter a value of perhaps 30 to 50. Don't forget to save the file before closing. This automatically adds that much buffer time whenever you bounce.

    Maybe one of these will help,

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