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Topic: Software KVM's?

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    Software KVM's?

    Not sure where best to post this since it's not a hardware thing & Off-Topic is all politics... is there some sort of software KVM that would allow me to see & control my PCs from my Mac, which is my sequencer computer?

    I've heard of something that puts little tabs at the bottom of the Mac display, corresponding to each PC, but I know nothing more. Is this Apple Remote Desktop/ Microsoft Remote? Any thoughts.



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    Re: Software KVM's?

    Don't know about software, but there's plenty of USB hardware that is cross-platform compatable with "key-combo" switching. Check Newegg.com for those (typically under$50 if I recall)

    I don't see how you could do it without hardware. Unless you are talking about that "Remote PC" type app, and I doubt that would be practical in an audio environment.

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    Re: Software KVM's?

    Real VNC is a remote desktop type of software.

    Its free and cross platform.
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