I was reading the "M Audio Keystation Pro 88? " thread posted a bit earlier and there was a reference to a review for it on NS .
I thought of reviewing my Pcr-50 just in case anyone wants another oppinion .
Midi in / Out ports.
Expression/Hold pedal jacks .

49 Keys - 4 Octaves - Non Weighted keys : The keys have a very good feeling and the whole thing seems like it's gonna last for ages - The strange thing about them is that they feel a bit weighted even though they are not.
The velocity response is a bit too hard compared to what i am used to ( Yamaha , M Audio , Korg ) , I would prefer them a bit softer but maybe it's trying to emulate a real piano touch .

Non Linear ?
To get a 127 velocity value i have to almost HIT the keys. With normal soft playing the values i get are like 70-105 =~ . It seems like the velocity response is following an exponential curve with a very sudden raise near the end . I find that a bit annoying since many times i make a velocity layer from 125-127 for triggering a different articulation .

8 Assignable sliders for Reverb, Expression Etc :
They used to work wonderful when i first bought it , but my lack of good maintenance has reduced the smooth feeling . It feels as if they are scratching instead of sliding smoothly now . I am not 100% sure if it's my fault or not - It propably is

8 Assignable knobs :
They are perfect ! Exactly the feel a knob should have. Made of a great feel rubberish material they also have a small soft click point on the middle of each one to find 0 of each controller . If the sliders had the same feel , they would be perfect too .

Mod Wheel/Modulation controller stick :
The idea is great ,you use the good feeling bender stick left to right for pitch bends and you push it upwards for modulation or other effects like filter cutoff, etc. You can even make the bend +/- 2 for left right, and add another +/- 2 for when you push it .
The only thing i find a bit annoying is the 0 point of the bender . The "click" point is a bit too big so you can't go from far left to right smoothly without staying at 0 for a bit too much . You try to do bending vibrato but it keeps on hitting on the middle 0

Buttons : Above the mod wheel are the very accesible +/- octave buttons {} [] []
{Transpose} [-] [+] , if you press the +/- buttons you change octave, if you hold Transpose and press the +/- you go up or down a semitone. Very good - easy reach location .

Above that that group are the Stop/Play/Continue buttons [] [] [] also very useful for controlling your sequencer .

The thing comes in silver ( see photo ) and has a blue led which personally i find a bit annoying . There are times when you want to relax in midlight and play , and the neon blue led is too " loud " . I usually cover it with something .

There are also another 8 assignable buttons for Dec/Inc patch, Portamento On/Off , Mode Mono/Poly , Etc etc. The buttons feel a bit soft, I would prefer them to do a soft click so you actually feel you pressed a button .

Display : 3 digit , big enough for values that don't go over 127 . The moment you touch a knob or slider you see it's current value.

The pack :
The keyboard comes with the usb lead , the dc adapter ,pc Editor Cd-Rom booklet papers , and two different stickers : One with the default controller settings and one you can customize and stick for your own settings .

For those who love numbers :

Sliders : 88/100
Knobs : 93/100
Keys : 89/100
Buttons/Accesibility : 93/100
Pitch/Mod Bender : 88/100
Design/Materials : 95/100

Overall : 91 / 100

Edirol PCR-50 Image (without stickers )

Controllers Close-up ( With stickers )

All the above is just another oppinion in thousands, the best thing to do is go and try all the keyboards out in a music store . But if you go for a keyboard, don't come out with a sample library in your hands ( again )